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    We are a self-publishing house, creating an environment for authors, organizations e.t.c to produce and own their ideas through publishing without being subjected to the bureaucracies of traditional publishing. We have been in operation since 2006, but Aura was incorporated in 2007. We publish a range of genres i.e. literature, politics, spiritual, educational, motivational, biographies. We don't publish material that is seditious, morally, religiously or racially offensive.
  • Citizen TV Interview


    How can we regain the lost glamour of love?

    Do you desire to see designer traits in your love life?

    Are you afraid that your relationship lacks the aggression necessary for such an experience i.e. a designer love  experience?

    It is possible to express the very best of love we all possess, we can indeed bring ‘DESIGNER’ into love.The author of Pillow Talk, gives you yet another masterpiece that will help you confer to your relationship the authentic tag of DESIGNER LOVE.