Publishing Procedure

We receive your manuscript, edit it, re-work your script if need be, proofread, lay out and design the cover. Then we produce a dummy book and send it to you. You review the dummy book, use it to obtain foreword (if necessary), make final alterations and return the dummy copy to us. We implement the changes as per the returned dummy book.


Up to that stage, we charge you a publishing fee, payable at the point of handing in your manuscript.
The fee varies depending on the nature of manuscript and is based on the number of pages on an A5 template. This publishing fee is separate from the printing cost.

Up to 150 pages Ksh. 35,000
151-250 pages Ksh. 45,000
251-350 pages Ksh. 55,000 e.t.c

We have no standard duration until we know what your work will involve.
For a complete manuscript that only requires editing, cover design and layout, our estimated duration is 12 weeks.
If there is extra work involved such as research, data mining, graphic illustrations e.t.c.

The cost for printing is variable depending on quantities you need, print material, the extent (dimensions and number of pages), presence of colour, e.t.c.
We compute the printing cost once the dummy is ready. However we can provide estimates at the point of receiving the manuscript.
We advise first time authors to print a minimum of 1000 copies for a start.
We print the books at the highest level of quality possible.

We undertake activities relating to marketing, publicity and actual book sales as described in the Marketing Services page.