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    We are a self-publishing house, creating an environment for authors, organizations e.t.c to produce and own their ideas through publishing without being subjected to the bureaucracies of traditional publishing. We have been in operation since 2006, but Aura was incorporated in 2007. We publish a range of genres i.e. literature, politics, spiritual, educational, motivational, biographies. We don't publish material that is seditious, morally, religiously or racially offensive.
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    Book Storm Challenge

    the terms and conditions

    • Type only your answer on the post indicated ‘comment here’ through our face book page starting with your name and contact info.
    • First five people to give the correct answers win the five books
    • The books are in the range of inspiration, personal development, relationships, career development and fiction
    • Winners outside Nairobi, cater for their own delivery
    • Winners within Nairobi pick their price at our offices
    •  Remember you only have one chance to answer the question

    the question

    Mr Grey, a marketer for an ENERGY DRINK manufacturing company was tasked to go market the energy drink in Saudi Arabia. Not knowing the language of the people in that country, he decided to use COLORFUL pictures. He displayed these pictures in a row next to the stand where he sold the drinks. The first one had a person looking lazy, exhausted and almost DYING, the second one of the same person drinking the energy drink and the third picture had this same person energized, and in somehow ready to run.

    To his dismay, people stopped, stared at the pictures then the display and finally him then left shaking their heads without buying or asking him anything.

    What do you think was the reason why GREY’S marketing technique did not work on these people?